About Us

Every knife we create is as unique as you, so we hold our standards to the highest quality.


Taiwanknives was created out of passion for the art of cooking. We wanted to revolutionize the market by being the first to ever create a Chefs Kitchen Knife with a unique hole control feature. Thousands of years of practice have led our artisans to create this masterpiece. Traditional Taiwanese hand-forging techniques have been passed through the generations of knife-smiths to ensure a perfect knife, 100% of the time.
We have combined all of the elements that make up a great kitchen knife, with our personal twist which makes us unique. In our knives, you will find:
- Ruthlessly Sharp Edge
- Full Tang Design
- Perfectly Balanced Handle
- Traditional Taiwanese Carbon Steel 
- Unique Premium Control Hole Cutout
Every single customer, is treated as family. When you join Taiwanknives, you are joining a movement. A movement that is becoming the new kitchen knife standard.
When you hold the Taiwanknives Knife in your hand for the first time - the quality will be unquestionable.